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The Michael Collins Centre

In 2000 Tim and his wife Dolores founded the Michael Collins Centre on the family farm. A branch of Tim Crowley’s ancestors on the maternal line has been living in this area since 1747. Tim, a historian, writer and filmmaker, is related to Michael Collins through his great-grandmother Marianne McCarthy, who was a second cousin of Marianne O’Brien, mother of Michael Collins. Tim also has a direct family connection with local activities surrounding the 1916 Rising. His grandfather Tim Crowley senior was arrested after a Volunteer march on Easter Sunday and was later interned in Frongoch in Wales with Michael Collins.

In 1997 Tim’s interest in the local story of Michael Collins and his family connections with the Collins family prompted him to organize private tours to the sites associated with Michael Collins. This was followed a few years later with the opening of the Michael Collins Centre.

James Kingston Grandfather of Dolores Crowley was a first cousin of Con, Sean and Peter O’Donovan from Casheliskey, near Clonakilty. The three O’Donovans were also on active service with the Volunteers in 1916. Con fought in the Rising in Dublin and was initially sentenced to death The O’Donovans brothers were later held in various prisons at the one time in 1916.

Dolores Crowley learned the art of baking cakes in the bastable on the open fire from her grandmother and she displays her skills during the Country Life Show    

Opposite the McCarthy branch of Michael Collins family tree indicating Tim Crowley’s connection to Michael Collins.


Michael Collins

Our Connection with Michael Collins

Tim Crowley, founder of the Michael Collins Centre, is related to Michael Collins through his great-grandmother, Marianne Slyne née McCarthy (c. 1856–1947), a second cousin of Marianne Collins née O’Brien, mother of Michael Collins. Marianne Slyne née McCarthy had a great sense of history. She kept a journal, only recently discovered, which contains over sixty pages of details concerning births, marriages and deaths, as well as other information. She was born in 1856 but the first journal entries refer back to 1844.

She was born and raised in the townland of Garralacha, which adjoins the townland of Woodfield where Michael Collins was born. Below are a number of entries from Marianne’s journal concerning her cousins, the Collins family.